Upon nomination by the Faculty, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese awards the following prizes to distinguished students:

  • Premio Ángel Rama
    For excellence by a first-year student or sophomore in advanced Spanish courses.
  • Prêmio Machado de Assis
    For excellence in advanced undergraduate Portuguese courses.
  • Premio María Zambrano
    For an outstanding Junior Paper in the Department.
  • Premio Ángel G. Loureiro
    For significant international research and experience for a junior or senior.
  • Ronald Surtz Prize
    For best independent work on Early Modern studies by a junior or senior major.
  • Vicente Llorens Castillo Senior Prize in Spanish
    For overall academic excellence by a graduating senior.
  • Ricardo Piglia Best Senior Thesis Prize

Other Prizes for Senior Theses

There are additional thesis prizes for which faculty can nominate majors, including:

  • Stanley J. Stein Prize in Latin American Studies
  • Kenneth Maxwell Senior Prize for the best senior thesis related to Brazil
  • Carolyn Drucker Prize in Jewish Studies
  • Center for Human Values Senior Thesis Prize
  • J. Wells Henderson '43 Senior Thesis Prize in Law and Public Affairs