Language Tutoring

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese is pleased to announce that we have Undergraduate Course Assistants:  Lydia Spencer (Spanish), and Erica de Lacerda (Portuguese).

Lydia, and Erica will be assisting the Language Programs in various ways. Among other things, they will be available to meet with students who have been recommended by their instructor, as well as those interested in some aspect of the language they are studying beyond the classroom setting.

If you are currently enrolled in one of our Department's courses and would like to schedule a session with either Lydia (Spanish) or Erica (Portuguese), you may do so by signing up in their WASE calendars.

Sessions are typically 1-on-1 and last 60 minutes, but 30 minutes sessions and small-group sessions (with 2 or 3 students) can also be arranged. The only requirement is that you sign up for a session at least one day in advance.

Note that the Spanish and Portuguese language tutoring that has been taking place at the residential colleges is no longer available. These services will now be provided jointly by our Undergraduate Course Assistants.

If you have questions about our new language sessions, please contact Catalina Méndez Vallejo. We hope you will take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

Lydia Spencer

L.Spencer.jpegLydia Spencer is a junior who plans to concentrate in the Woodrow Wilson School and pursue certificates in Spanish Language and Culture, Linguistics, and Neuroscience. Outside of her studies, she helps run as well as teach English as a Second Language classes for Spanish-speakers in Trenton. She is also a college advisor for the nonprofit Matriculate and an Orange Key tour guide. She would be happy to meet to help with any Spanish-related questions or to just chat in Spanish!

Erica de Lacerda

e_lacerda.jpgErica de Lacerda is a sophomore who plans to major in Spanish and Portuguese. She is Brazilian-American and lived in Brazil for 4 years as a child. She is open to answering any Portuguese-related questions or just for a quick chat. On campus she is involved in music theater, and the Mas Flow Latin dance company. Before coming to Princeton she was heavily involved in volunteer work in Fairview, NJ and the surrounding communities.