The Department of Spanish and Portuguese is pleased to offer a number of funding opportunities for its majors.

PLEASE NOTE:  University-sponsored travel continues to be contingent upon the Permitted Travel Policy

The Howard and Suzanne Kauffmann Fellowship, generously established by SPO alum Lane Kauffmann '70, serves to support students’ research and activities related to their senior theses. Award funds may be used for activities involving a research trip to a Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking country -- when circumstances allow it. Possible activities include, but are not limited to, language immersion programs, summer programs, internships, and scholarly travel related to the study of Spanish, Portuguese, or Latin American languages, literatures, and cultures.

Additional support for students' research comes from the James Foundation Fund in the Humanities.

All applications for funding in support of undergraduate activities including summer study abroad, senior thesis research and junior independent work or special projects (including individual student travel to conferences) will go through the Student Activities Funding Engine, or SAFE.

Senior Thesis Funding

Resources are available to assist students with the costs of senior thesis research including, when appropriate, travel abroad.  Please discuss your plans with your advisor and/or the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

Application cycle for fall
Opens 09/01/23 and closes 09/26/23; for seniors to conduct research over the fall break / semester

Application cycle for winter
Opens 11/01/23 and closes 11/29/23; for seniors to conduct research from December through the end of March

Application cycle for summer
Opens 02/01/24 and closes 03/24/24; for juniors (rising seniors) to conduct research during the summer

Students seeking funds for senior thesis research should also apply to the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Junior Paper Funding

Resources are available to assist students with the costs of junior paper research including, when appropriate, travel abroad. Please discuss your plans with your advisor and/or the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Application cycle for winter
Opens 11/01/23 and closes 11/30/23; for juniors to conduct research from December through the end of March

Application cycle for summer
Opens 04/01/24 and closes 05/15/24; for sophomores (rising juniors) to conduct research during the summer

Expenses Covered

Costs are expected to be moderate; you are responsible for researching competitive pricing in order to maintain reasonable costs.

  • Travel to research sites, unless the site is within 25 miles of your home town or on the State Department Do Not Travel List. Travel expenses may include airfare, visa applications, a daily food stipend (limited to $35 per day), accommodation and local transportation (expected to be through public transport unless safety is a concern). If your research involves overnight travel outside of the metropolitan New York City and Philadelphia corridor, you must obtain travel approval through the Enroll My Trip platform (EMT) at least one week PRIOR to travel. Your award will be revoked if you travel prior to receiving approval for your trip in Enroll My Trip. For a list of restrictions regarding the rental or use of vehicles while on University-sponsored domestic trips, visit the University Travel Website(link is external)Students may not schedule travel that conflicts with their end-of-semester exam schedule or other academic obligations.
  • International travel to research sites: For university-sponsored international travel, review University Guidelines to determine if your travel requires additional approval. Students should wait to buy tickets or make non-refundable deposits on housing until funding is confirmed AND their travel plans have been reviewed and approved in Enroll my Trip. For current University travel guidelines, please visit the Travel Enrollment page or the Pandemic Travel Guidelines page.
  • Books (only if a personal copy is needed; please note that the library will scan book chapters and articles on demand and will look to purchase e-copies of books; more information about 2022-23 resources can be found here)
  • Conference fees, only if you are presenting ($500 maximum)
  • Photocopying
  • Payments to Human Subjects (departmental and IRB approval required)
  • Software specific to your research project not available through your department

Expenses Not Covered

  • Overnight stay in New York city or Philadelphia
  • Wi-Fi connection fees
  • Laptops, tablets, desktops and basic computer accessories
  • Cloud storage subscription
  • Hard drive
  • Purchase of capital equipment such as binoculars, recording or electronic machinery (we might cover rental costs)
  • Transcription services
  • Payment to individuals for services rendered (except for human subjects)
  • Tuition for instructional programs
  • Thesis binding
  • Travel to home town or country
  • Local phone or SIM card
  • Passport applications
  • Vaccinations and prescriptions
  • Entertainment and/or personal expenses
  • Although not covered by your research grant, we strongly recommend travel insurance. If the University deems your destination unsafe prior to travel, you will be responsible for returning the total award because the University cannot fund student travel in these circumstances.

Princeton in Argentina, Princeton in Portugal and Princeton in Spain

Students with financial need who are admitted to ​the Princeton in ArgentinaPrinceton in Portugal or Princeton in Spain programs will automatically be considered for a partial scholarship.


Karen González
Manager, Finance and Administration
Rafael Cesar
Director of Undergraduate Studies