The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers a liberal arts major in Spanish and/or Portuguese designed to give students a thorough grounding in the language, literature, and cultures. Students are encouraged to complement their courses in Spanish or Portuguese with related and varied courses in other literatures, as well as in art history, anthropology, sociology, comparative literature, and other humanities subjects.

In addition to serving as the focus for an education in liberal arts, the Spanish or the Portuguese major can be the basis for graduate or professional study. In mostly small classes and seminars, allowing extensive student/teacher interaction, students become equipped to take up careers in many walks of life, including journalism, business, law, government service, and international affairs.

For non-majors, the department offers a rich set of language, literature and culture courses, from introductory to very advanced. It also offers a popular certificate program, allowing the study of Spanish and Portuguese to be combined with concentration in history, architecture, English, politics, or any other subject available at Princeton.

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Rafael Cesar
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Janeth "Jane" Marquez
Graduate and Undergraduate Program Administrator
Alberto Bruzos Moro
Director of Spanish Language Program
Program Director - Princeton in Spain
Nicola Cooney
Director of Portuguese Language Program
Program Director - Princeton in Portugal
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