Language Tables

img_6762Spring 2018 Language Tables

Join a language table for good conversation, friendly people, and practice speaking in an informal setting.

Portuguese Language Tables

Mondays - Whitman College at 6:00pm
Contact: Conner Johnson

Tuesdays - Chancellor Green Cafe at 12:00pm
Contact: Prof. Luis Gonçalves

Wednesdays - Butler College at 5:30pm
Contact: Prof. Andréa Melloni and Prof. Daiane Tamanaha

Thursdays - Rocky College at 6:00pm
Contact: Thiago Varela

Spanish Language Tables

Mondays - Mathey College at 6:00pm
Contact: Prof. Sylvia Zetterstrand

Tuesdays - Whitman College at 12:00pm
Contact: Jenny Kaufmann or Sara Fridovich-Keil

Forbes College at 6:00pm
Contact: Prof. Andie Faber or Prof. Jovana Zujevic

Wednesdays - Wilson College at 1:00pm
Contact: Natalia Cordova

Thursdays - Butler College at 12:30pm
Contact: Prof. Le Anne Spino or Prof. Anais Holgado-Lage

Rocky College at 6:00pm
Contact: Andy Alfonso or Ingrid Brioso Rieumont 

Intermediate/ Advanced Spanish conversation table (Tertulia Lingüística)
Every other Wednesday - Mathey College at 6:00pm
Contact: Professor Catalina Méndez Vallejo

"Club de Lectura" (Spanish Reading Club)
Every other Saturday - Butler 1915 Room at 3:00pm
Contact:  Will Simon