Frequently-Asked Questions

  1. What are the selection criteria? 
    Students will be selected based on general academic performance, performance in Spanish courses at Princeton, engagement in the program (participation in language tables, conferences, and events promoted by Spanish instructors), possible interest in being either a concentrator or a certificate student in Spanish, maturity and openness to new experiences and international traveling. All candidates will follow a selection process, which may include an interview by Princeton faculty.  
  2. Does SPA 310S fulfill a distribution requirement? 
    Yes, it counts as an LA. SPA 207S does not fulfill a distribution requirement.
  3. Can the courses be taken pass/fail? 
  4. Do I need a passport and/or a visa to travel to Spain? 
    Yes, you must obtain or renew your passport prior to the trip. U.S. citizens need only a passport for stays of up to 90 days. Non-U.S. citizens may also require a visa, even for short-term stays. Please contact the Spanish Consulate in New York for details (Ph: 212-355-4080). Passport and visa processing may take weeks. Please apply early.
  5. What time do I need to arrive at Madrid airport? 
    The group will convene at the Madrid-Barajas (MAD) airport at 12 noon (Spain time) on June 2nd to be transported as a group to Toledo. Allow time for claiming your baggage, going through customs, and other possible delays.
  6. What if I do not connect with the group at the airport? 
    We will provide instructions on how to get to Toledo on your own.
  7. May I arrive to the program late? 
    No. The program is very intensive and group orientation from the beginning is very important. No exceptions will be made.
  8. What additional costs will there be? 
    You will need to pay for your roundtrip transportation to/from Spain, approximately $1,200. Textbooks and course materials will cost around $70. You may have to pay fees to obtain or renew your passport or visa. These fees vary. Lodging and three meals per day are provided. You should have at least $500-600 in pocket money for leisure time activities, refreshments, toiletries and other incidentals.
  9. What if I get sick? 
    There is a doctor who comes to FOM every Tuesday afternoon. A doctor is on call for emergencies at any time.
  10. Do I need to purchase health insurance?
    No need to purchase health insurance.  All University members on University sponsored trips are automatically enrolled in the International SOS coverage. Please visit the International SOS (link is external) website for more information. 
  11. What type of accommodations are provided at the dorms? 
    There are some single and some double rooms. Two singles share a bath; two doubles share two baths. Laundry facilities are available on-site. The rooms are cleaned from Monday to Friday. Every Tuesday towels and sheets are changed. (Students do not have to bring towels and sheets to Toledo.) There are three computer rooms and WiFi is available in the building. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the cafeteria. 
  12. What are the details of the homestays? 
    FOM makes every effort to place students within a 20 minute walk of the school. If anyone is placed farther away, FOM will provide a bus pass for travel to classes, and more than two Princeton students will always be placed in the same area. There will normally be one student per family. Students will have lunch at FOM Monday–Friday when they have classes. The rest of the meals will be with the family. The family will wash the clothes of the student or the student can wash their own clothes at the home. Students will be asked in advance if they have any allergy to pets or cigarette smoke, so they can be placed accordingly. 
  13. Will financial aid cover the summer program? 
    Financial aid does not carry through the summer. If you are currently receiving financial aid, you may apply for a loan for up to the total cost of the program less any other University grants or scholarships you receive. The Department will award a limited number of scholarships to students on financial aid. Students may also apply to the Office of International Programs for a grant from the Dean's Fund for Study Abroad. Please be aware that the application deadlines may vary. You do not have to wait for acceptance to the program in order to apply for a grant.
  14. When should I plan on leaving Toledo? 
    Classes end on Friday, June 29. There will likely be a group activity that evening. Students are expected to leave Toledo on Saturday, June 30, according to their own schedules. There are no scheduled program activities on June 30.


Photo by Isabel Hirshberg '19


Photo by Sebastian Ortiz '19