The Department of Spanish and Portuguese (SPO) subsidizes its summer programs to keep costs reasonable for all students.

In addition, students on financial aid will automatically receive a partial scholarship from SPO. Special consideration will be given to students planning to concentrate in Spanish and/or Portuguese. Students will receive an award notification upon acceptance to the program.

NOTE: Scholarships and grants, while generous, will not usually cover the entire cost. Students should expect to pay some portion of the total amount with personal funds.

The Dean's Fund for Summer Study Abroad

The Dean’s Fund for Summer Study Abroad is administered by the Office of International Programs (OIP) and offers awards to students on financial aid who enroll in structured academic study abroad and language programs (domestic or international) lasting at least four weeks. Apply in SAFE. Please pay careful attention to the Dean's Fund deadlines.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline; do not wait for acceptance to the program. You may search for other sources of Princeton funding in SAFE. If you are applying to more than one SPO program, you can submit separate applications for each program in SAFE. If you are accepted to one of the programs, please withdrawal the corresponding SAFE application for the program you were not admitted to.

Other Options

The Fred Fox Fund gives out grants for academic research and other educationally enriching pursuits, favoring projects conceived by the student and relevant to his/her course of study, especially thesis research and independent study. Please refer to Fred Fox Fund for eligibility and how to apply. 

Outside organizations offer funding for students studying abroad in certain locations. Please refer to Undergraduate Fellowships and Scholarships.

Subsidized loans are an additional option to consider. You may borrow up to the total cost of the program (tuition, room, board, books, transportation), less any funding already provided. Please contact the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office or visit their Summer Programs for more information.

Financial Planning

The fee for tuition and room and board will be charged to your student account. Cultural activities and group excursions organized by the program will be covered. Students are responsible for purchasing their own air tickets. Other expenses may include passport/visa fees, local public transportation, leisure time activities, laundry, toiletries, phone, and other incidentals. Additional information about these expenses will be provided.

Financial awards will be posted directly to students’ Princeton accounts in late April or early May. After the tuition and room and board have been paid, any remaining funds will be released via direct deposit to the student’s personal bank account to be used for other program-related costs such as airfare.

If you have questions about financial matters, please contact Karen González ([email protected]).