Class Schedule 2016

POR 207S: Studies in Portuguese Language and Brazilian Culture
10:00am–12:00pm: Language class, Monday through Thursday.
2:00pm–4:30pm: Culture/History class and lectures, twice a week, between Monday and Thursday.
There will be two hours of class on Fridays, scheduled according to the planned excursion. A few extracurricular activities (movies, museum visits) may be offered and will be optional. 
Fridays will be reserved for cultural excursions, with the exception of July 1.  From Monday through Thursday afternoons will be reserved for classes, lectures with guests, and at least three in-city excursions. Whenever excursions occur, the afternoon schedule will be changed accordingly and students may arrive back in IBEU later than 4:30pm. There will be a weekend excursion to Paraty, June 17-19. Students will have two free afternoons per week.

IBEU classroom

IBEU Classroom

IBEU computer room

IBEU computer room

Welcome to IBEU (Photos by Nancy Kanach)

Welcome to IBEU

(Photos by Nancy Kanach)