Info for Admitted Students

There are a number of things you must do in order to go on the Princeton in Argentina trip. 
Please pay attention to the deadlines and follow the instructions carefully. 

The full program fee will be billed to student accounts in late April/early May. Any student who withdraws prior to the start of the program will be responsible for paying a non-refundable administrative fee of $480.  Students may not use scholarship money to pay the fee if they withdraw.

Accepting/Declining Your Place in the Program- Due Monday, April 1st

Please go to GPS to accept or decline a place in the program and complete the Confirmation of Attendance Questionnaire.

Passports, Health Insurance Cards and Medical Profile- Due Monday, April 15th

Once you accept your spot, you need to upload the following two items through GPS

1. Copy of passport - upload a clear copy
    Passports must be current and valid six months from the date of your return. 

2. Copy of health insurance card

The following item is to be delivered in-person to Michelle Tong at 359 East Pyne 

Medical profile - found on the Undergraduate International Travel Checklist. Please deliver the completed form along with your immunization records in a sealed envelope with your name and “Princeton in Argentina” on it.

Please send a request for your immunization records via e-mail to with your name, DOB, and class year. No payment is required for your immunization records.

Flights and Submitting Flight Itineraries- Due Monday, April 15th

After accepting your spot, you will receive an email with instructions for how to submit your flight and lodging information in Concur. Follow those instructions carefully and do not submit any information in Concur until you receive the email.

It is understood that you may not yet have purchased your tickets by the 15th, however you must enter basic information (such as dates and airports) to the best of your knowledge at this time or your trip will NOT be approved.

Not sure when to arrive/depart? (Check the FAQ page regarding when you should arrive/depart from Argentina)

When you have purchased your flight, please forward the itinerary from the airline to  Do not alter the itinerary or the subject line of the email.  In order to forward itineraries to, you must first validate your email address in your Concur profile. You should also forward your itinerary to

Also visit the Undergraduate International Travel Checklist and make sure that you complete the steps.


Important Dates

  • Confirmation of attendance deadline  - 4/1/19 
  • Princeton in Argentina Pre-Departure Meeting with OIP (Mandatory for those who have committed) - April 22, 12pm-1pm, 161 East Pyne
  • Princeton in Argentina Pre-Departure Meeting with Faculty (Mandatory for those who have committed) - May 8, 1:30pm-2:30pm, 339 East Pyne