Study and Work Abroad

The Department strongly encourages its concentrators to spend as much time as they can in any country where their language(s) of concentration is (are) spoken. There are many ways of doing this within the four-year undergraduate degree: through study abroad for one or two semesters; through summer study abroad; and through a summer internship abroad.


To learn more about Princeton opportunities around the world, please search the Global Programs System.


Global Programs System




All students must visit the Office of International Programs, to become acquainted with the administrative procedures related to study abroad.

Junior Semester / Junior Year Abroad

Princeton in Argentina

Students planning to spend a semester or their whole junior year abroad should seek advice from the Director of Undergraduate Studies and from relevant faculty in choosing a suitable program of study. For further assistance contact Gisella Gisolo at the Office of International Programs. Departmental and University approval of programs abroad is required.

Grades awarded by foreign institutions for courses that are recognized in lieu of Princeton courses are not included in the consideration of departmental honors.

Students who study abroad are not exempted from independent work requirements. The Department usually can make arrangements to either find a JP adviser in the location where the student spends the semester or year abroad or to indicate a departmental adviser who will be in contact with the student by e-mail throughout the semester or year abroad.

Up to three approved courses taken abroad in one semester will normally count for up to three course credits. Students must complete the program abroad to the standards required by the foreign institution. For more information, please see Go Abroad and the International Travel Handbook which are available online or in the Office of International Programs.

Summer Language Study

Princeton in Portugal

All students interested in languages are encouraged to study abroad during the summer through Princeton in SpainPrinceton in Argentina, Princeton in Portugal, or one of the other programs recommended by the department and the Office of International Programs.

Study Abroad Course Approval

For courses not offered through or affiliated with Princeton University, “Approval for a Course Taken at Another Institution” forms must be approved by the below department contacts, depending on the course level. After meeting with the Office of International Programs, please email the appropriate faculty member for an appointment, and bring a form for approval along with the study abroad course description, syllabus or materials. Study abroad courses must be approved in advance.
Natalia Castro Picón, Director of Undergraduate Studies: Upper-level Spanish and Portuguese literature and culture courses
Mariana Bono: Language-level Spanish courses
Princeton in Spain
Nicola Cooney: Language-level Portuguese courses

For proficiency evaluations, please see our Language Learning section.

International Internship Program

Princeton's International Internship Program (IIP) supports Princeton undergraduates who wish to undertake a summer internship abroad.