Tiago Ferro

Visiting Fellow


Tiago Ferro (São Paulo, Brazil, 1976)W is a writer and publisher. His debut book, O Pai da Menina Morta, won the Jabuti Prize in the category novel and the São Paulo Literature Prize in the debut novel category in 2019. It was published in Brazil, and also in Argentina, Colombia and Portugal. His second novel, O Seu Terrível Abraço, was published in Brazil in July 2023.

He writes pieces on culture and politics for Folha de São Paulo and Piauí magazine.

Ferro has a master's and Ph.D. degrees in social history from the University of São Paulo (USP). His research was focused on the work of literary critic Roberto Schwarz.

He is one of the founders of the independent book publisher e-galáxia and the essay magazine Peixe-elétrico, which published Diamela Eltit, Selva Almada, Ricardo Piglia, Perry Anderson and Hayden White in Brazil.

Ferro is now interested in contemporary political sensibility in American society.