Robert Myak (G-3)

Graduate Student
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Robert Myak is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Princeton. He arrived after having received his B.A. in Spanish Literature & Culture and his M.A. in Latin American and Iberian Studies from the University of Notre Dame, where he wrote an honors thesis on ecclesiastical corruption in Leopoldo Alas’s La Regenta.

His research interests primarily focus on aesthetics, alternative economies and narco-genealogies in postwar Spain. Relatedly, he has recently written and presented his research on the works of Rafael Chirbes, Carlos Saura and Pedro Almodóvar; he has also researched minor poets that wrote during and against the Francoist dictatorship, such as Julio Antonio Gómez.

At Notre Dame, Myak taught introductory Spanish (101 & 102); at Princeton, he has taught as a preceptor for the course “Identity in the Hispanic World” with Prof. Christina Lee. A fundamental aspect of this course was the international travel component, as he returned to Antigua, Guatemala, where he had volunteered with Notre Dame’s International Summer Service Learning Program (ISSLP) in the summer of 2015. During this course trip over Fall Break, students studied indigenous cultural practices, Guatemalan history and the complex role of NGOs in the country.