Renee Congdon

Graduate Student


Background: BA in Spanish with Honors, minor in English (summa cum laude), Colgate University, 2020

Interests: contemporary peninsular culture, literature and film, myth and folklore, sensory studies, witches, rural worldviews

In 2020, Renee co-published a peer-reviewed article on female identity in two contemporary Spanish novels with Marta Pérez-Carbonell. Her most recent publication, “Olores y sonidos de la posguerra española: un análisis sensorial de Nada de Carmen Laforet”, can be found in the edited volume Carmen Laforet: Después de Nada, mucho (Albatros Ediciones, 2022). A book chapter on Ainhoa Rodríguez’s 2021 film Destello bravío and its radical engagement with extinctionist discourses around rural and empty Spain is forthcoming. Currently, she is working on a thesis about the cultural significance and afterlives of washerwomen in 19th and 20th century Spain.