Patrizia D'Adamo

Communications Specialist / Study Abroad Administrator
Office Phone
359 East Pyne


Patrizia joined the staff in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese as the Communications and Study Abroad Administrator in April of 2022.  She began her career in higher education during her graduate studies in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Temple University where she earned a master’s degree in Spanish Language and Linguistics. Subsequently, for a period of 12 years, she worked as a Spanish language lecturer at various universities throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Her passion for helping students and language professionals excel in their careers through language acquisition and professional development is what ultimately propelled her to take on her next role as the Managing Director of a study abroad organization headquartered in Salamanca Spain, a position which she held for the following 13 years. Her return to academia was fueled by her deep-rooted desire to be a part of an academic community, such as Princeton, in which opportunities for exchanges and mutual growth abound.