Nicholas J. Figueroa

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Nicholas J. Figueroa holds a Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics from the State University of New York at Albany from 2017. Before beginning his journey at Princeton University in the Fall of 2019, he taught and coordinated various Spanish courses for diverse learners at differing competency levels. His research focused on U.S. Caribbean Heritage Spanish Speakers’ variable pronunciation of liquid consonants in syllable-final position. His research and teaching interests include the following: Spanish Linguistics with a concentration in Caribbean Phonology and Heritage Studies, Caribbean Dialectology, Contact Linguistics and Bilingualism and Latin American/Caribbean Studies. He is currently analyzing the linguistic landscapes of predominately Spanish speaking communities, in New York and Massachusetts, as a performance of Latino/a linguistic identity. Additionally, he is examining the phonological influence and realization of the pharyngeal /h/ and the language contact between Arabic and Spanish in the Moroccan Variety of the Judeo-Spanish dialect, Haketia.