Mariana Bono

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Mariana Bono (Ph.D., Université de la Sorbonne) specializes in Second Language Acquisition and Multilingual Studies. Before joining the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Princeton, she taught Spanish language and literature at the Ecole Polytechnique in France, and applied linguistics at Birkbeck, University of London, UK. Her current research interests include literacy-based approaches to instructed language learning, the connection among language, culture, and identity, and the politics of language in multilingual contexts. Dr. Bono has published papers and book chapters in French, English, and Spanish and acts as a reviewer for several international journals in Europe and North America. Since joining the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, she has contributed to the implementation of a pedagogical model that integrates language and culture into the Spanish language curriculum.

Mariana Bono teaches 200- and 300-level courses in Spanish and a Freshman Seminar entitled Mother Tongues: Language and National Identity in the 21st Century. Her approach to teaching draws on the latest trends in language pedagogy, psycholinguistics, bilingual studies, pragmatics and discourse analysis. She is particularly interested in the processes and factors that bear on the acquisition of Spanish in formal settings, such as the impact of prior knowledge, language transfer, linguistic awareness and the roles played by reflexivity and verbal interaction in the learning process. 

As a Faculty Adviser affiliated with Whitman College, Dr. Bono enjoys learning about her advisees’ interests and talents, and helping them make the most of their Princeton experience. She is especially active in mentoring students who wish to participate in study and work abroad programs.