Luis Enrique Escamilla Frías

Lecturer in Spanish and Portuguese
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Luis E Frias is currently getting his Ph.D. from the Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures Program at CUNY, Graduate Center. He also held a master’s degree from the same institution and one more from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. He teaches Intermediate Spanish in Princeton and has served in both Brooklyn College and College of Staten Island by teaching Spanish and Portuguese languages and cultures. He is currently on the Mellon Foundation-supported Humanities Alliance Program at CUNY, Graduate Center; as such he has had the chance to lead a series of OER-based workshops to both faculty and students. Also, he is working on his dissertation that revolves around the cultural production on women-, indigenous-, and young ones-led contemporary Mexican resistance movements. His areas of interests are Latin American literature and culture, Mexican and Latinx literature and culture, Masculinities in Latin America, Neoliberalism, and resistance movements.

Among his most recent publications are “Hacia una memoria tras ‘la guerra contra el narco’: cuatro necropoemas mexicanos” (2023) in the academic journal Acta poética  published by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and “Las enseñanzas ocultas de dos pandemias: La transmigración de los cuerpos, de Yuri Herrera, y el Covid 19” (2021) in  Hispanófila published by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as the book chapter “El viaje de Makina: identidades que se diluyen; lenguas maleables que surgen” (2019) in Visibilidad e interferencia en las practicas espaciales published by UNAM and Ed. Brumaria.