Jovana Zujevic

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401 East Pyne
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11:00 am-12:00 pm
11:00 am-12:00 pm

Office hours are held in Chancellor Green Café


Jovana Zujevic holds a Ph.D. in Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies from Georgetown University. Both her research and pedagogy reflect her commitment to interdisciplinarity and to drawing connections between everyday life, scholarly work, and classroom activities.

Dr. Zujevic’s current research lies at the intersection of literature, journalism, and digital media studies. Her book project examines how various manifestations of literary journalism in contemporary Spain (newspaper columns by fiction writers, blogs, and magazines) narrate, question, and redefine what is traditionally perceived as everyday life. Her other interests include travel writing and transatlantic studies.

In addition to her research, Dr. Zujevic has taught a variety of Spanish language and culture classes, Spanish for the professions (foreign service and business), as well as courses on Peninsular and Latin American literature. Before joining the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Princeton, she was a professor at Rider University where she designed courses on Miguel de Cervantes and Spanish theatre and film since the 1930s. While at Rider, she was also selected as the most inspirational professor by one of her students, an Andrew J. Rider scholar recognized for her academic achievement.