Gabriela Díaz-Dávalos

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Gabriela Díaz-Dávalos (Ph.D., Temple University) specializes in interdisciplinary approaches to textual productions, primarily in their application for pedagogical purposes to foster global citizenship and diversity awareness. Her research focuses on language accessibility in government textual communication in Mexico City, as well as in power dynamics behind the representation of marginalized populations in various forms of media. Her articles have appeared in journals such as Discurso & Sociedad, the edited volumes of Lenguas en contacto: Español, inglés y lenguas mexicanas, and Fronteras y diálogos: El español y otras lenguas. Her past teaching experience is comprised of a variety of introductory literature, linguistics, and culture courses, including language classes at all levels of the Spanish curriculum. She is also engaged in local community projects that explore and promote the diverse experiences of Latinx and Lusophone communities in the Greater Philadelphia region.