Fabiana Buitor Carelli

Visiting Fellow


Fabiana Buitor Carelli is Associate Professor in Comparative Lusophone Studies at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and Visiting Scholar at Princeton. Her main interests are related to some trans-disciplinary studies comprising literature and politics, literature and cinema (especially Lusophone African and Brazilian Film), and, more recently, literature, arts, and healthcare. She holds a Master's degree (1997) and a Ph.D. (2003) in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, both from the University of São Paulo.

Fabiana is co-founder and leader of GENAM-USP (University of São Paulo’s Research Group in Literature, Narrative, and Medicine), created in 2011. Gathering up scholars from various Brazilian institutions, undergraduate and graduate students, and researchers from backgrounds as diverse as literature, linguistics, and the Humanities; medicine, psychology and other healthcare fields, the group’s main goal is to undertake an appreciation of care from the perspectives of literature, communication, and the arts, based on the hermeneutic phenomenology and some principles of the literary criticism developed in Brazil through the second half of the 20th century.

On this subject, Fabiana has written and published her book Pode o subalterno pensar? Literatura, narrativa e saúde em português [Can the Subaltern Think? Literature, Narrative, and Healthcare in Portuguese] (Editora CRV, 2020). She is also author and co-editor of  Pandemos: diário da peste [Pandemos: plague journal] (Editora Rua do Sabão, 2022 – in print), Na saúde e na doença: fronteiras entre Humanidades e Ciência [In Sickness and in Health: frontiers between the Humanities and Science] (Editora CRV, 2020), and Texto e tela: ensaios sobre literatura e cinema [Text and screen: essays on literature and cinema] (FFLCH-USP, 2014). She has also authored and co-authored many articles in both Brazilian and international journals, as well as many book chapters. She is the producer, editor, and hostess of GENAM's Book Club (available on YouTube) and Ciência Poética [Poetical Science], a podcast on Literature, Arts, and Healthcare.

Recently, Fabiana has been broadening her professional interests to the fields of creative writing, visual arts, and illustration. She was the illustrator of the book Pandemos (in print), and the cover arts of Na saúde e na doença and the Literartes  journal (USP) n. 14 are also hers. She is currently illustrating  A raposinha e a lua  [The Little Fox and the Moon], book that speaks about friendship and death and is addressed to children.

At the University of São Paulo, Fabiana was the Graduate Program in Comparative Lusophone Literatures and Cultures’ Chair from 2018 to 2020, editor-in-chief of the Via Atlantica journal from 2013 to 2017, and Director of the Center for Lusophone Literatures and Cultures Studies (CELP-USP) from 2015 to 2019. 

Fabiana’s passion for travels and learning is expressed by her numerous trips within Brazil and also abroad, which include, besides her many leisure travels along the way, her appointment as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Maryland, College Park (in 2001-2002), a Visiting Researcher position at the University of Minnesota (in 2010), and a 10-month appointment as a Visiting Fellow at the University of Lisbon, Portugal (in 2016-17).