Berta Del Rio Alcala (DCE1)

Graduate Student
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Berta del Río Alcalá is a cultural researcher, documentalist, and journalist. She is a Ph.D candidate in the Spanish and Portuguese Department working on a a dissertation about theatrical forms and dissidence in the Spanish transition (1968-1992).

Berta has published several articles in academic journals, such as Ínsula and Kamchatka, and around one hundred news articles in online newspapers such as Público, La Directa, Europa Press, and La Marea.

As a documentalist, since 2016 Berta coordinates the project Voices and Archives of the Valencian Independent Theater (1970-1978) at the Centre de Documentació Teatral de València, gathering memories and documents of the independent theatrical movement from the 1970’s. This project will culminate in a documentary and a website in which all the archives of the different artistic experiences will be released in 2019. In 2018, she co-directed the project Com una família: cent anys de música i autogesió al Puig, a documentary about a community band in a small town in Spain that explores its links to a feminist cultural history from below. In addition, Berta is part of the project això és com tot, editorial specialized in post-contemporary popular culture.

Berta has been invited to present her research at Museo Reina Sofía (Spain), Washington and Lee University, and Oberlin College (USA).

In 2019, she received the Arcadio Diaz-Quiñones Teaching Award.