Alberto Bruzos Moro

Director of Spanish Language Program
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334 East Pyne


Alberto Bruzos Moro (Ph.D. Linguistics, Universidad de León, Spain) has been working at Princeton University since 2005. Since 2011 he holds a position as Senior Lecturer, director of the Spanish Language Program, and co-director of the study abroad program Princeton in Spain.

As director of the Spanish Language Program at Princeton, he has overseen the redesign of the whole Spanish language curriculum. His view of foreign language education is informed by a wide range of theories and approaches, which includes sociocultural theory, discourse analysis and critical pedagogy. He is particularly interested in pedagogies that create opportunities for students to go beyond the classroom and become members of communities of practice where the target language is spoken, such as telecollaboration and community-based learning.

He has published articles on linguistic relativism, semantic motivation and the pragmatics of irony. Currently, his research interest lies in language ideologies, the role of language in the critique of neoliberalism and the commercialization of foreign language education. He is working on a project that examines the relationship between discourses on the economic value of the Spanish language and the teaching of Spanish as a language industry.

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