Adriana Merino

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401 East Pyne
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Monday: 1:30 pm-2:30 pm
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Adriana Merino holds a Ph.D. in Foreign Languages and Linguistics (UNED, Spain), and a Master’s degree in Linguistics with a specialization in Discourse Analysis (UNC, Argentina) Before joining the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Princeton University she taught and coordinated various Spanish courses, and developed ELT/ Spanish language programs and instructional materials. Her teaching experience also includes Applied Linguistics, Methodology, Discourse Analysis, and training courses for teachers. Her research interests involve (interlanguage) pragmatics; intercultural competence development in study abroad experiences; L2 oral interaction and comprehension; and the use of ICT resources to enhance learning. She has authored a teacher’s resource manual, and a number of articles on language teaching, discourse analysis, and pragmatics.