Videos: Students Capture Sociolinguistic Variation in the Spanish-speaking World in SPA 211: Varieties of Spanish

Tuesday, Sep 18, 2018

Last spring, students enrolled in SPA 211: Varieties of Spanish, taught by Professor Catalina Méndez Vallejo , produced videos to capture the different social, political, and cultural aspects related to dialectal variation in Spanish.



Students explore the experiences of English-Spanish bilingual speakers on campus. They provide some statistics about the Spanish-speaking community at Princeton University and conduct interviews with students and staff.

Students discuss the emergence of digital variations of Spanish in an era of technological development and innovation. By drawing examples from instant messages and chats, they illustrate how the internet and cell phone technology have changed the way in which people communicate. They include experiments and interviews with Princeton University students, faculty, and staff.

Students investigate issues of identity among Spanish speakers in the U.S. and in Princeton University. They explain the results of a small research study that they conducted on campus and they include interviews with some Hispanic students. At the end of the video, they outline specific factors that may contribute to maintaining students’ Hispanic identity and culture.

Students explore the origins and present status of Chicano Spanish in the U.S. They show specific cases of Chicano Spanish and explain the social, political, and cultural motivations for the emergence of this variety.