Oct. 9, 2023

We are delighted to report that the VI Consortium Workshop for Language Teaching and Learning (CLTL)

This year, the event was organized by four of our lecturers at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Adriana Merino, Anna Alsina Naudi, Paloma Moscardó and Raquel Mattson-Prieto, and two colleagues from Brown University, Stéphanie Gaillard, and University of Chicago, Verónica Moraga. The workshop was generously sponsored by the Consortium for Language Learning and Teaching, an alliance of 8 Ivy League universities, and by the Princeton Center for Language Studies, and the Princeton Council for the Humanities. 

The workshop topic, "Current and Future Trends in AI: Practical Applications to Language Teaching and Assessment," could not have been more relevant and timelier. In an era where technology is rapidly reshaping the pedagogical landscape, it is crucial for educators and students alike to remain informed about the transformative potential of AI.

Takako Aikawa from MIT

The plenary speaker, Takako Aikawa from MIT, delivered an enlightening presentation on “AI-Augmented Language Pedagogy: ‘Perspective Shift’ Is All You Need.” Her insights provided a fresh perspective on how we view and approach language teaching with the aid of AI.

Moreover, the event boasted 13 compelling workshops, each focusing on AI's pivotal role in language learning. Spanning a diverse range of topics and languages, these sessions were both informative and inspiring. Presenters and workshop leaders shared invaluable classroom experiences with AI technologies and delved into the present and future challenges that Higher Education faces in the realm of AI.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the organizers for curating such an insightful and well-structured event. Here's to continued innovation and exploration in the world of language teaching and AI!

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