Jan. 11, 2024

SPO releases 8 new and returning courses with exciting topics!

To see all SPO course listings for Spring 2024, click on this link Spanish course offerings and check this link for Portuguese course offerings. Click on the course numbers below to access full course information on the Registrar website.

This news item has been updated on January 11th, 2024, with a new addition SPA 234 and the cancellation of SPA 550 / LAS 525 - Seminar in Colonial Spanish American Literature: Women in Colonial Mexico

SPA 234 - Animal and Human: Writing in Spain and Latin America

SPA 318 - Social Resistance and Cultural Critique in the Postwar Period in Spain

banner for Robert Myak new course spring 2024

POR 560 - Race in Brazil: Blackness & Whiteness

POR 560

SPA 560 - Shadows of the People. Aesthetics and Politics in Modern Spain

POR 426 / SPA 426 - Cuba-Brazil-Angola: Remapping Atlantic Cultural Histories

SPA 245 - Visions of the Hispanic World

SPA 245 update

SPA 364 / LAO 364 / AMS 434 - Doing Oral History in Spanish: The 'Voces de la Diáspora' Oral History Project

SPA 418 / LAS 412 - Deciphering and Decolonizing the Spanish Transpacific

SPA 418