April 26, 2022

MMUF (Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship) is the centerpiece of the Mellon Foundation’s initiatives to increase diversity in the faculty ranks of institutions of higher learning. The program identifies highly qualified underrepresented students and other students who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity and provides them with support and mentorship as they prepare themselves for doctoral programs and careers in the professoriate.

Mariela comments, "I am interested in studying sociolinguistics in the future and exploring how Latinx identity is shaped through language. For my project proposal I received help from Professor Alberto Bruzos Moro, who assisted me in developing a project where I would study the linguistic ideologies present in two high schools in East Boston that have a majority Latinx population. Over the past year I have also taken a few classes with Professor Nicole Legani who wrote me a recommendation letter. I am really grateful to both of these professors for all their support and I look forward to continuing to expand my interests and knowledge with the help from MMUF and the SPO Department."

SPO congratulates you and we wish you luck on your work with the Latinx community!