May 2, 2023

"At the end of the SPO Graduate Pedagogy seminar, our training from the semester culminated in an elegant change of roles: we students became the teachers. Each of us had to prepare and submit our lesson plans that we had been workshopping over the course of the past month; the final class was dedicated to a 30-minute mock-teaching exercise (for each of us) of those carefully planned lessons. It was a rewarding experience to play both teacher and student in 5 different mock-teaching situations. My teaching preparation and knowledge of pedagogical theory have improved immensely after Nicola and Alberto’s course." ~  Chloe Wheeler (COM)

Tatiane Rangel

"The mock teaching experience was a nice form of preparing the students to step into a real class. It is a valid way of putting into practice the discussions around teaching pedagogies. ~ Tatiane Rangel (SPO)

All 5 students from the seminar (Gastón Pérez, Tatiane Rangel, Pablo Robledo, Héctor Hernández and Chloe Weaver) will be AIs in SPO in the Fall and we are delighted to welcome them aboard!