June 27, 2023

At the end of May, SPO study abroad programs began their adventures thousands of miles away from Princeton's campus visiting South America, Europe and, for the first time this year, Africa! Since their departure, through the magic of technology, SPO has been living vicariously through the amazing images and videos we received daily (and in real time) from the students and group leaders. In addition to academics, the programs expose students to a multitude of culturally significant events, locations and people.

From the metropolis of Buenos Aires to the northern province of Jujuy, Princeton in Argentina (PiA) reach new heights, literally, as they climbed to extraordinary altitudes to witness first-hand the red mountains of Tilcara, said to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements of Argentina dating back 10,000 years. Taking full advantage of their time in Argentina, some students ventured to the famous falls of Iguazú which, combined, make up the largest waterfall system in the world! Take a look at the latest photos.

Meanwhile across the pond, students on the Princeton in Spain (PiS) program traveled to Toledo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and historical city influenced by three distinct cultures (Christian, Muslim and Jewish) where they attended classes at the Fundación Jose Ortega y Gasset-Gregorio Maranon. The group traveled to the plains of La Mancha, which was immortalized by Miguel de Cervantes in 17th century novel, Don Quijote. They were also delighted to receive an unexpected visit from department chair Pedro Meira Monteiro who sent us a fun selfie with the group. Stunning monuments were visited, and many SPO statue challenges were completed with impressive results! Check out some of their poses on SPO's Instagram.

Students on the Princeton in Portugal (PiP) program were close by for several weeks in Lisbon before taking off to the islands of Cape Verde in western Africa! As part of the academic program, faculty leaders conducted a scouting visit in January 2023 that allowed them to discover a world of enrichment beyond their wildest expectations. Subsequently, the 5-day excursion was approved and added to the PiP itinerary and students took off for this new adventure from June 4th through June 9th. The group was able to meet talented local artists, intellectuals and everyday people, explore the capital, Praia, travel around the island visiting important historical and cultural sites. Watch as faculty leader Andrea De Castro Melloni, takes part in a drum circle with talented Cape Verdeans. More amazing images can be found here.

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