Jan. 26, 2023

This January SPO professors Nicola Cooney and Andrea Melloni visited the island of Santiago, Cape Verde (Cabo Verde - in Portuguese)

The Repúblika di Kabu Verdi, a former Portuguese colony, is an archipelagic nation, located 350 miles off the western coast of the African continent. Noted for its democratic stability, and its rich musical traditions, Cabo Verde has a huge diaspora and transnational identity, with many more Cape Verdeans residing outside of the country than within it.

The famous Cape Verdean “morabeza” or spontaneous

During this intense scouting trip, they met with artists, intellectuals and everyday people, explored the capital, Praia, traveled around the island and visited important historical and cultural sites. They ate delicious food, heard live music, practiced kriolu and experienced the famous “morabeza” or spontaneous hospitality of the local people.

They plan to return in June with our Princeton in Portugal students and hope to create long lasting ties between Princeton University and Cabo Verde.