May 16, 2023

Chile 9/11 is among the current Magic Grants for Innovation awarded by the Humanities Council to Professor Javier Guerrero. 

Guerrero elaborates on the topic and on the many events we can expect to see during the course of year:

Javier Guerrero

September 11, 2023 will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the military coup against President Salvador Allende in Chile. At a moment when democracy is in peril across the globe, we will explore the atrocity of the coup and subsequent dictatorship through a series of workshops, symposia, panels, film screenings, art installations, and performances held from September to December 2023.

Chile 9/11 will bring an outstanding group of artists and scholars to campus to commemorate this anniversary and its legacy for Chile and the Americas. The sessions will emphasize the role of the arts in confronting and resisting fascism, as well as the geopolitics of Chile and the United States since the dictatorship and as reflected in events as recent as 2019 and 2021.

Visitors to campus will include iconic artists and scholars such as award-winning visual artist Voluspa Jarpa, renowned writer Diamela Eltit, and internationally acclaimed actor and theater director Alfredo Castro. All events will be recorded and housed at Princeton’s Firestone Library.

Every session will be open to the public and Princeton community, will involve faculty and undergraduate and graduate students from numerous disciplines and departments. Chile 9/11 will be a scholarly lab for the review of fifty years of the connection between art and politics in Chile, as well as the influence of both within and beyond the Americas.