June 12, 2023

Last week, SPO Lecturer Paloma Moscardó was directing a group of volunteers from around campus in various “mock medical interviews” which took place in the broadcast studio of the Lewis Library. The actors, who were native Spanish speakers, were given a script to play the roles of patients and doctors in front of the cameras. They were also provided with the opportunity for spontaneous communication given their various backgrounds originating from different parts of the Spanish speaking world.  Professor Moscardó is very grateful to Eneida Toner, Program Coordinator for the Program in Latin American Studies, who facilitated a list of native speakers who participated in these performances. The mock interviews also provided an opportunity for introductions to the amazing Latinos that are a part of our Princeton community.

Once the editing process is complete, the final videos will be stored on a website where the Medical Spanish students will be able to use them as a learning tool. Special emphasis will be put on medical and cultural content.

Set of mock interviews with Paloma

A special thanks to Lance Herrington, Sr. Producer/Creative Director, and to Marie Li, Senior Instructional Designer- Learning Management System, of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning.  Our skeleton, Manolo (pictured), along with some posters borrowed from Anthropology, were a BIG HIT and also gave the set a more realistic feel.

This project has been funded by the 250th Anniversary Fund.