April 22, 2020

SPO graduate student Berta del Río Alcala was selected as a recipient of a 2020 Graduate School Teaching Award in recognition of her work as an assistant in instruction. Teaching Awards honor graduate students who have made a significant and exceptional contribution to undergraduate teaching. Berta was nominated by her undergraduate students and members of the faculty in recognition of her dedication and excellence in teaching.

Berta comments, "Teaching has been a shelter for me throughout my PhD. A space to rehearse democratic forms of listening and learning with exceptional, dedicated and curious students. I accept this award as a collective recognition of the efforts of so many people who, for five years, have collaborated in my training and personal growth --my SPA101 colleagues, my course heads and professors related to my research in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Princeton. Today, more than ever, it is important to listen to each other and to respect everyone in their differences. A Spanish class, when built collectively, is a perfect context to rehearse different forms of citizenship."

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