June 29, 2021

Sophia Nuñez has received a 2021-2022 postdoctoral research fellowship through the University of Southern California (USC)-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute (EMSI). The fellowship is for scholars whose research is in any area of the humanities or humanistic social sciences with a focus on early modern Americas, c. 1500-1800.

“I am delighted about this postdoc for many reasons, but I am especially looking forward to getting to know the circle of early modern Hispanists in the L.A. area and visiting special collections in person again at last,” said Nuñez.

“Using the Huntington Library, USC's special collections, and other collections in the area to delve into how readers interacted with books will be tremendously helpful for my book project on the corporeality of books in the early modern Hispanic world. “

Nuñez completed her dissertation titled “Bodies and Books in the Early Modern Hispanic World" in 2018.