Feb. 15, 2023


The texts gathered in We are many: essays on crisis, culture and hope were written by Pedro Meira Monteiro over more than a decade. Most of them were conceived when the current authoritarian twist had not yet been drawn, testimonies of a time when it was still possible to reap, in the present, the promise of a less unequal society. The author leads us through themes such as literature, music, cinema, visual arts and philosophy, guided by the collective desire already expressed in the title of the work. A desire that also takes place with the special and multimedia participations of the musician Arto Lindsay, the writer and translator Flora Thomson-Deveaux and the visual artist Rogério Barbosa. The first offers the player with audios produced especially for the book, to be heard through QR Codes; the second, with notes and comments in English; and the third, with visual works arranged along the pages. In addition to these participations, the publication brings cover texts by Mário Medeiros and Manuela d'Ávila.

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