April 25, 2024

Shyue credits Professor Natasha Wimmer for inspiring her to become a translator after taking the very class she visited on April 8th to talk about her recent work, SPA380: Translation Workshop: Spanish to English. She goes on to tell the students that it was like a revelation. She was sitting in her dorm in Witherspoon doing her first assignment after taking her first class and thinking "this is so fun!" 

"I love that translation is both wordwork and puzzle; I get to spend long quiet hours thinking about words, and then I get to feel the satisfaction of snapping the right word into place in my translation. As a Taiwanese-American, I am interested in the Asian diasporas in Latin America because I am curious about possible parallels and divergences among experiences within the various global Asian diasporas," she revealed in an interview with the University of Iowa International Programs department after receiving a Fullbright scholarship. She would spend the next year (2019-20) in Lima translating work by the Chinese-Peruvian writer Julia Wong Kcomt and learning about identity and language in Lima's Chinese-Peruvian community. The year was cut short due to the pandemic, but Shyue continued to pursue translation and later studied abroad in Cuba.

Shyue developed a niche in the field focusing her translations on contemporary Cuban and Asian-Peruvian writers. You can access Shyue's work on her website.