Nov. 17, 2023

On Wednesday, November 15, 2023, Patrizia D'Adamo (Communications Specialist and Study Abroad Admin) and Janeth Marquez (Graduate and UG

Patrizia D'Adamo serving community members

Photo by Bonelys S. Rosado

Admin) volunteered their time on behalf of Latino Princetonians to give back to the local community through Cornerstone Community Kitchen at the Princeton United Methodist Church. Cornerstone has been described by their supporters as “a soup kitchen that looks and feels like an upscale restaurant”, attendance has grown from fourteen people the first night to an average of more than 80 guests each Wednesday night. There is no food line to stand in; meals are served by volunteers from

Janeth Marquez with a tray getting food

Photo by Bonelys S. Rosado

throughout the community, delivered to guests on china plates with a smile and friendly greeting. Take-out meals are available to each guest thereby further extending our impact on reducing hunger for another day.

D'Adamo and Marquez said the event was very well organized with a healthy participation from members of the local community. They were joined by fellow Latino Princetonians Melissa Mercuro, Sonia Figueredo, Joann Vega and Adrianna Taraboletti in serving the families in attendance at their tables and enjoyed interacting both adults and children of diverse nationalities in attendance. It is a great honor for both of them to be able to contribute to their roles within the community at Princeton through opportunities like this one.