Spanish Doctor visits SPA 204 to discuss Medical Cooperation

Feb. 17, 2023

SPA204 students will be traveling to ECUADOR during spring break where they will work to help children resolve issues with eye health that have been neglected due to lack of qualified professionals in the Andes region where the students will go during the spring break (March 11-18). The students of SPA 204 had the chance to have a guest speaker who served as a perfect conclusion for one of the first topics in preparation for the SPA204 course,  "Spanish for Medical Caravan in Ecuador".

Ángela Cepero MD, doctor, pharmacist, and radiologist from Spain, talked with the students about her work with the NGO Cirugía Solidaria. Dr. Cepero explained how the NGO works, planning before trips, and cooperation with African partners and their work in clinics held in different countries. Many of the themes resonated with the past weeks’ reflections in 204. These themes covered topics such as access to medicine in the world's more vulnerable populations, the ethics of medical trips, the white savior complex, how to design sustainable campaigns, and the importance of sharing, and working together with the colleagues in other country.

Dr. Cepero shared her passion and insight with the students, and hopefully her words will resonate with them, not only in this coming caravan, but as they become doctors and policy makers in the near future.

NOTE: Paloma Moscardó (instructor of 204) will like to thank graduate student Robert Myak for facilitating this guest speaker. A special thanks to Marta Campillo as well, an OB/GYN from Spain who accompanied Dr. Cepero.