SPA 204: Medical Mission to Ecuador provides students with hands-on volunteer work abroad

Wednesday, Mar 27, 2019

Twelve undergraduates enrolled in SPA 204 recently travelled to Ecuador over spring break on a medical mission in partnership with Conestoga Eye. This trip provided them with the opportunity to be exposed to global health policies and health care through hands-on work in Riobamba. Conestoga Eye has worked in clinics in Riobamba since 2012 implementing the work of FIBUSPAM/ PACH (Fundación Internacional Buen Samaritano Paul Martel/Partners for Andean Community Health).

Students visited clinics and schools and worked closely with the Conestoga Eye group to assist in conducting vision screenings for children. Students also helped to provide language interpretation between doctors, volunteers and patients. By the end of the week, they helped to conduct 1154 vision screenings, 9 surgeries, and donated about 150 pairs of eyeglasses in total.


Students observing a strabismus surgery.

Upon their return, students will produce presentations and research papers that reflect on their experiences in Ecuador.


To read blog posts published by the students, please visit their website here.