March 20, 2024

On March 6, 2024, SPO Lecturer César A. Romero Fernández organized a class visit and guided tour by Katherine A. Bussard, for the course SPA 107 – Intensive Beginner's and Intermediate Spanish (sections C04A and C04) to the exhibition “Christina Fernandez: Multiple Exposures” at Hulfish Gallery, Princeton University Art Museum.

César’s students were joined by SPO lecturer Flor Chiaramonte and her class. César and Flor prepared activities for students to connect the exhibition to the course topics: immigration, Mexican-American culture, race and ethnicity in the Latinx communities, and artistic negotiations of identities.

The visit promoted discussion, critical inquiry, and creative exploration of these topics in a real-life scenario, where students applied class concepts to a very relevant photographic exhibition.

The guided tour by Katherine A. Bussard provided cultural context, artistic insights and thoughtful reflections on Fernandez's retrospective.