June 5, 2023

As part her participation in a Portuguese course (POR106 - Portuguese for Spanish-speakers) with SPO Professor Luis Gonçalves, Katie Horan '25 took part in a Virtual Exchange Program and was later invited by her exchange partner to present to students at a Brazilian university.

Katie talks about her experience and how she was able to share her passion for accessibility with her peers in Brazil.

"Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to create a presentation on accessible and inclusive language for English-learning students at the Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (UFJF) in Brazil. Through the telecollaboration aspect of my POR106 class, I met Brenda Gusmão, who is a student teacher at the university. Brenda is bright, thoughtful, and bubbly. Through our conversations during the academic semester, we really got to know one another! She invited me to speak to her students after learning about my experience in disability justice training. I have the honor of being the Founder and Lead Consultant for an initiative known as All Bodies, All Brides, which is dedicated to making the bridal fashion industry accessible, exceptional, and inclusive. Thanks to the Spanish and Portuguese Program, All Bodies, All Brides hosted its first international workshop at UFJF, and I got the opportunity to share information I am extremely passionate about.

In Brenda's classroom, students from diverse majors came together and practiced utilizing inclusive language. When someone imagines how access relates to their personal field for the first time, they take the beginning step of disability justice work. Through the commentary of students, our chat emphasized the need for organizations and institutions to prioritize accessibility in their practices and policies. By ensuring that physical spaces, digital platforms, and communication materials are accessible to all, we can break down barriers and provide equal opportunities for everyone!"

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