Popular Wintersession by SPO's Amina Shabani features homegrown produce and flowers

Jan. 3, 2023

SPO lecturer Amina Shabani shares her passion for growing herbs, vegetables and flowers during the Wintersession. A second section of her course was added as a result of so many eager participants from the Princeton community.

Shabani comments on the benefits to both instructor and participant provided by this space. 

"Wintersession has made my experience at Princeton even more special, meaningful and unique. I learned about it during my job interview before I was even hired when I was still in Boston. I was really intrigued by the concept. It is such a supportive space to practice new skills in an encouraging and non-judgmental way. Wintersession is also a great reminder that we all have talents and gifts to share! We can reveal snippets of our lives outside of academia and build new friendships and networks.

I also appreciate that it is free that way it erases financial barriers for participation."

If you are interested, there are still spots available in the January 24th session. Click on this link to access the information in MyPrincetonU