April 11, 2023

Sophomores were met with much more than they expected when they attended the Open House organized by the Department of Spanish & Portuguese on the afternoon of April 4th. Faculty, students, and staff from SPO greeted prospective concentrators in the Presidential Room of Prospect House filled with banquet tables and culinary delights. SPO program Directors, Nicola Cooney (Portuguese Language) and Natalia Castro Picón (Undergraduate) delivered lively speeches reinforcing the reasons why one would want to declare a Spanish or Portuguese major. If their words did not convince the students, their seemingly coordinated outfits would speak volumes about the collaborative spirit among members of the SPO community.

SPO faculty and staff will continue to share their enthusiasm for all that is Spanish & Portuguese in the next several weeks through its participation in the Princeton Preview events under the tent on the McCosh courtyard. This time the excitement will be around First-Year students who will be on campus on April 11th and again on April 18th to learn about Princeton's many programs and resources. In addition to a warm welcome from faculty and staff, newcomers will be informed about the many opportunities available through SPO, which offers language courses, advanced seminars on literature and culture, translation workshops, as well as summer programs for independent study and summer study abroad.

Learn more about the advantages of becoming a concentrator in Spanish or Portuguese and how you can get started!