Nov. 7, 2022

On October 25, we welcomed Prof. Kristine Stenzel in our SPA-LIN-LAS 211 (Varieties of Spanish) class.

Prof. Stenzel is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and an Associated Researcher at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Prof. Stenzel’s research focuses on the Kotiria (Wanano) and Wa’ikhana (Piratapuyo) languages of the East Tukano family, spoken in the Upper Rio Negro region of northwest Amazonia. Her publications revolve around linguistic typology, multilingualism and small-scale multilingual systems, language contact and change, as well as orthography development and production of materials for the maintenance and revitalization of endangered languages.

In her class visit, Prof. Stenzel discussed her life-long experience in language documentation and the intricacy of multilingual practices in the Vaupés region of northwestern Amazonia. On October 26, she also gave a talk for the Linguistics Program on quoted speech and evidentials in Kotiria conversation.