Oct. 25, 2021

The Academic Managers Group (AMG) has named SPO Department Manager Karen González as the recipient of the 2021 AMG Leadership Award.

This award is in recognition of Karen’s outstanding leadership, excellence in management and her steadfast belief in the continuing education of academic managers.

Each year, a call will go out to all AMG members soliciting nominations for the AMG Leadership Award. Any AMG member can nominate any AMG manager, not only those who are on the steering committee or chair a subcommittee, and nominees must have had at least two years participating in the AMG.

In their nomination, Janine Calogero, department manager for German, and Sena Hill, department manager for French and Italian, praised Karen for her dedication and contributions toward forwarding the goals of the AMG and highlighted her willingness to promote collaboration and teamwork across academic departments.

They shared, “Karen is a hidden gem. Her unassuming manner coupled with her helpful nature, which both of us have benefitted from, is what led us to nominate her. You can propose a difficult question and she’s not put off. She dives in and figures out ways to solve the problem or answer the question. In meetings that have potential to get thorny, she’s reasonable and calming. Her tone is contagious. She’s the person you want to emulate and would be an inspiring mentor for any new manager.”

Adding to the nomination, Janine said, “Karen’s demeanor, diplomatic approach to faculty and staff, and work ethic creates the ideal model of leadership. She’s what we would like others to see as the example of AMG visibility.”

Congratulations Karen!