Nov. 11, 2022

On the evening of November 10th, all those who attended the Drexler concert were captivated by his extraordinary performance at the McCarter Theater.  Prior to the concert, SPO was fortunate to be able to sit with Drexler for an open "guitar in hand dialogue" (in Drexler's own words - un "diálogo guitarra en mano"). They would touch on topics such as music, song, poetry and its different styles, and much more.

Drexler commented on the impact of his exchange with Princeton students and faculty:

The day we spent at McCarter Theatre was much more than a regular concert.

The eagerness for knowledge and the warmth with which the Princeton students and professors received me in the (“Behind the Scenes”) talk we shared in the morning, set the tone for what happened in the concert at night.

We all agreed that it was one of the most beautiful shows of the tour from a musical and technical point of view.

And the warmth of the public took us completely by surprise!

We felt at home.

Thank you, McCarter and Princeton! We are looking forward to coming back soon!


Jorge Drexler

Photo by Pedro Meira Monteiro

The positive nature of the exchange between the SPO community and Drexler during his visit sets the stage for the promise of future visits and collaborations with the artist here at Princeton. The Department of Spanish and Portuguese chair, Pedro Meira Monteiro, comments "meeting Jorge Drexler in person and seeing the wonderful human behind the musician was an amazing surprise".  Both SPO and the McCarter Theater Center look forward to coordinating efforts to bring Drexler back to Princeton. 

Check out photos from the concert and short clip of Drexler performing privately for SPO on the SPO Facebook Page