Written by
Dylan Blau Edelstein
April 21, 2023

On Tuesday April 18, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and BrazilLab brought together two award-winning Lusophone authors, Ondjaki (Angola) and Cristhiano Aguiar (Brazil), for an informal conversation on literature and strangeness.  The idea of “strangeness” was addressed from various angles: the strange phenomena present in gothic literature; the “strange” habit of reading in modern society; the “strange” place of short stories and poetry in today’s literary market. The fun and relaxed conversation, which was filled with a series of anecdotes and stories, also generated a list of up-and-coming authors and filmmakers from the writers’ respective countries for the audience to look out for, as listed below:

From Brazil: Denisson Padilha Filho, Tenille Bezerra, Deisiane Barbosa 

From Angola: Irene A’Mossi, Resem, Gegé, Ery Claver, Kamy Lara, Fradique

See more on SPO Instagram story highlighting Cristhiano Aguiar's post from that day.