May 31, 2023

Jack Thompson '23 has been named a recipient of the Henry Richardson Labouisse 1926 Prize to pursue international civic engagement projects for one year following graduation.

The Labouisse Prize, which awards $35,000 to each recipient, enables graduating seniors to engage in a project that exemplifies the life and work of Henry Richardson Labouisse, a 1926 Princeton alumnus who was a diplomat, international public servant and champion for the causes of international justice and international development. Labouisse’s daughter Anne Peretz and family established the prize in 1984. It is administered by the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS).

Thompson will return to Brazil, where he has spent a significant portion of time as an undergraduate. At the Instituto de Estudos para Políticas de Saúde [(IEPS), Institute for Health Policy Studies], a non-profit organization, Thompson will be involved in rigorous and innovative health economics and health policy research. He will help craft participatory health policies at primary health care units in Brazil; work with IEPS’s Laboratório de Políticas de Saúde to assist Brazilian municipalities in the design, implementation and monitoring of health policy pilots; design prototypes for patient involvement in clinical practice guidelines; and help promote an overall culture of health in the country. “I intend to make [this] a lifelong pursuit: creating a more just world with less poverty, less inequality and less despair,” Thompson said.