June 7, 2022

Graduate students Oriele BenavidesCatarina L. Oliveira and David Rivera received one of the 2022 Flash Grants awarded by the Humanities Council(link is external). Their project to create a literary and cultural magazine for the department of SPO was devised during the seminar Modernismos Negros, taught by Professor Pedro Meira Monteiro and Professor Lilia Schwarcz in Fall 2022. With the grant, they will work on launching the first issue of "The Hare – A lebre não dá entrevistas", a periodic literary and cultural magazine that aims to publish creative, experimental and visual pieces made by undergraduate and graduate students of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. The magazine will focus on topics relevant politically and aesthetically to the SPO community, encouraging collaborative pieces in Spanish, Portuguese, or English.

Those interested in contributing, joining the editorial team and/or knowing more about the project, please reach out to them via e-mail. You can find their information by using the links in this announcement.