Graduate student Mauricio Acuña awarded Rapid Response Grant for "A Communal Poemap of Afro-Diasporic Aesthetics."

Thursday, Jul 23, 2020

Mauricio Acuña's project titled "A Communal Poemap of Afro-Diasporic Aesthetics" was recently selected as part of the Rapid Response Humanities Summer 2020 Projects of the Princeton University Humanities Council.

The project aims to work on the poem "Élégie des saudades," from Senegalese poet Léopold Senghor, to develop a communal geographic translation of its aesthetics. Geographic translation means the development of experimental readings of poetry and fiction in a virtual setting, by using digital tools and collaborative approaches related to the Afro-Atlantic world. The outcome of these practices will be a digital “poemap” from the Afro-Atlantic world in four different languages (French, Portuguese, English, Spanish), featuring several geographic sites, and a myriad of materials such as landscape sounds, voice sounds, images, drawings, and others.

More information about Rapid Response Grants can be found on the Humanities Council website